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Headquartered in the San Franciso Bay Area



The center of one of the world's greatest creative, innovative, and dynamic regions of industry, science, new ventures, and academia

ALTAMONT CONSULTING GROUP is made up of seasoned professionals with:

ü Depth of experience

ü Learning

ü Applied expertise in their fields

We use proven collaborative processes to help our clients achieve breakthroughs producing extraordinary results: That's how our clients Collaborate. Innovate. Transform.TM


INTENTIONAL FOCUS - Our primary client work is helping our clients create and execute:

  • Strategy
  • CorporateDevelopment
  • Alliances
  • Innovation

And since that's our background and the foundation of our experience and expertise, it means that:

  • We've been where you are
  • We've painfully learned through application and experience
  • We bring real world learnings to each engagement


We don't let it become simply another academic exercise.


MORE ON DEMAND - Many clients want us to go wider in scope for some engagements. That's when we reach out to our partners, an extended network of professionals.


When it's appropriate and necessary, we can bring additional expertise in:

  • Organizational development
  • Turnarounds and restructuring
  • LEAN processes
  • Organizational learning and knowledge management
  • Performance management systems

We believe each new engagement or project should be based on fresh understanding and thinking. A fast changing and complex world requires nothing less.


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The Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) is a professional association formed to promote excellence and ethics in management consulting through certification, education and professional resources. We endorse and subscribe to the Institute's CODE OF ETHICS.


T: 925.420.6545 Email: Mail: 3130 Balfour Rd STE D #303 - Brentwood CA 94513 USA