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IN TODAY's fast changing and complex world, organizations face a future that can be overwhelming and paralyzing


But also rich with opportunity


RIGHT NOW - In these critical moments -when and how you choose to act will have far-reaching impacts for both you and your organization


ALTAMONT CONSULTING GROUP works with organizations, senior executives and their teams creating and executing:

ü Strategy

ü Innovation

ü Alliances

A SIMPLE GOAL: We are dedicated to improving our client's productivity, innovation and performance

by helping them Collaborate. Innovate. Transform.TM


OUR SERVICES  are dellivered using customized tools and approaches designed specifically for the job at hand - no matter how we are working with you.

LEADERS: You see the symptoms all too often. Both you and your organization know when:

  • Strategy you developed last year suddenly does not fit
  • Organizational structures do not match the new competitive environment
  • Business models are not producing needed results
  • Innovation is not flowing
  • Productivity is falling

You're missing new threats and opportunities.


You realize that you are simply not positioned for a future different than the one you envisioned just a few months ago:



  • Strategic positioning and alignment
  • Alliances and strategic relationships
  • Corporate Development programs and initiatives
  • Innovation focus and flow



  • See the world as it is and as it could be
  • Reposition and realign your organization
  • Creating precise actions aligned with that strategy
  • With an eye ready to see the opportunities that are clearly beginning to emerge
  • Creating an organization focused on innovation and growth


ACT NOW: In these critical moments when and how you choose to act will have far-reaching impacts for both you and your organization.


“The problem is that the Present is becoming the Future faster than it's becoming the Past” 


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CONTACT US To learn how we can help your organization Collaborate. Innovate. Transform.TM


The Institute of Management Consltants (IMC)is a professional association formed to promote excellence and ethics in management consulting through certification, education and professional resources. ALTAMONT CONSULTING GROUP Principals and Associates endorse and subscribe to the Institute's CODE OF ETHICS.


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