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Corporate Development


Innovation should generate new sources of value and growth for your organization



Look at your organization and ask:

    Does innovation flow?

    Can you innovate?

    Do you know how?

INNOVATION is the creation and introduction of new Products, Services,Strategies, Systems, Structures, Processes, and Social Systems generating new sources of value and growth for your organization - and is top of mind for organizations as a primary engine of growth.


We're constantly inundated by innovation related stories, documentaries, and calls to action in every possible media. Almost any magazine – business, scientific, or general market – has continual articles and series on innovation. Some magazines and organizations even rank companies by “innovation prowess".


We firmly believe the single best approach to innovation is through COLLABORATIVE INNOVATION: The recursive interaction of co-creativity, knowledge, and mutual learning, between two or more people or organizations, working together toward a common goal of generating new sources of growth or wealth of mutual benefit.


COLLABORATIVE INNOVATION ARCHITECTURE -We provide a coherent strategic system to place innovation into the firm grasp of your organization:




Innovation will be focused and fast - opening the new opportunIties your growth strategy demands.


DEEPER QUESTIONS -There is no question that innovation is a critical success factor for any business, small, medium or large.But even with all of this attention, all too often leaders struggle to answer:

  • What is innovation?
  • How do we manage for innovation?
  • How do we measure innovation?
  • How do we focus innovation for growth?
  • Where do we expect innovation to come from?




For the CEO, the usual answers to these questions rarely cut through the fog of ambiguity, much less provide a foundation for actions and execution.


For real answers to these questions,  download our

Collaborative Innovation Overview (PDF).


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