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We're Thinking About...
Research is a core ability we bring to our client engagements
Working independently or with our clients as partners, we focus on
    Functional areas
Critical to our client's success

RESEARCH - Organizational and business research on issues, processes and functional areas requires a specific knowledge of the immediate topic. But now - more than ever - it also requires an ability to go deep into inquiry and discovery.


In today's world, things are complex and interconnected like no other time in history. This means in many cases the old ideas of cause and effect simply don't work anymore - signals that use to mean one thing now:

  • May mean something entirely different
  • May mean nothing at all
  • New signals may be missed
  • Some events and issues may not even be known until after the fact
  • Actual causes may never be known

It also means that the way things work in organizations are different - the social fabrics are highly networked and complex - and both are changing faster than we realize.


The way we used to think about things can lead us far astray.


METHODOLOGY & TOOLS - Valid and useful research depends on methodology and tools and how they are employed.

Our research is done:

  • Independently, on areas of interest and concern, with results published publicly
  • Directly with our clients specific to their needs


For our clients, even when primary research is not part of the engagement scope - each engagement is an opportunity for direct research - and we always report results and analysis to the client.


We utilize 6 main research tools:

  1. Focus group interviews and dialogue
  2. Workshops
  3. Interviews with knowledgeable individuals
  4. Surveys, both in person and online
  5. Statistical and qualitative analysis
  6. Reviews of current literature


RESEARCH TOPICS -  Our independent research areas are as diverse as our interests, backgrounds, education, and Areas of Practice.  And, learn more about What We Are Thinking About.



PUBLICATION -Research and analysis can give you insights about what you need to think about for your organization.


It can also tell you where you need to focus attention and actions to improve your performance and productivity.


Most of our independent research work,
analysis and results will be available to you in our

Resource Center under White Papers and Articles.




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