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Our interests are as diverse as our
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And our areas of Inquiry, Discovery, and Research all reflect that diversity

We spend a lot of time working on new concepts and ideas with our associates, friends and clients.


When we think they are developed enough to let others know about them and invite comment, we'll add a little about them here.


As we development them further, we'll turn them into:

And we'll always ask you to tell us what you think.



Added September 9, 2009:

THE PERVASIVE EXPECTATIONS OF INSTANTANEOUS RESPONSE - As communications speed up, driven by technology advancements, there is always a trade off - detail for speed, or speed for detail.Most people opt for speed, which of course means little time for context and understanding.And one thing critical for tight and concise communication and understanding over time, exformation, (explicitly discarded information)doesn't really occur.


This means that the biggest issue for technology improved communications (more speed seems to be the choice andemphasis), is that there is less and less understanding of what is being communicated faster and faster, with still the expectation of instantaneous response.


This is just one of the implications of the pervasive pressure of Expectations of Instantaneous Response(PDF).

Added March 30, 2009:

KNOWLEDGE TENSE - It occurs to us that most "knowledge" considered by knowledge managers and their organizations is past based knowledge = tacit, implicit and explicit. This is where most Knowledge Management efforts are focused - around codification (excessive in most cases) into repositories with attendant taxonomies, ontologies, etc.


This really begs the question of how knowledge creation/generation in the moment - as we find in

innovation processes - and how that should be facilitated and supported. And since most strategic planning and decisions are made in the present from anticipated futures, then it is pretty clear - at least to us - that there is future-based knowledge being used in these processes. We need a concept of Knowledge Tense(PDF).


Do you have some thoughts on these topics, or other ideas to explore?


Contact Us and tell us what you think, or add a comment to our blog post at Points of Contexture.


COMING UP NEXT - We're working on initial thoughts in these areas, and we'll post them them here, as soon as they're ready:








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