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Cognitive diversity is critical to understanding your environment
You need to hear multiple perspectives from different backgrounds and experiences
We let our clients know what we think is important to them and their organizations

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NEWSLETTERS, LETTERS and NOTES - Every month or so we send a newsletter, letter or note to our clients discussing our view on current events and topics we think are important for them.


We don't just rehash what's in the news - we give our take on things, and we always give suggestions on actions we believe our clients should be taking.


We post them here about 30 days after our clients have read them.


We think you'll also find them interesting and thought provoking.


You may print them for reading and share them with others you think should read them. We trust you will observe copyright and use permissions where appropriate.



Added September 9, 2009

September 2009 Newsletter

You are hearing more and more that the current recession has bottomed out, that the economic crisis is easing as job losses slow and we are beginning to see confidence return to the marketplace. This is good news indeed as we turn from survival and begin to look forward.


Nevertheless, the global business environment is becoming more and more interconnected and complex. And the world itself is now acting as a complex adaptive system.


The future will see new uncertainties, ambiguities and even more surprises. Our world is acting as a complex system, and what we are now experiencing is just a taste of what will undoubtedly come.


The immediate issue for all of us is that our old ways of looking at and seeing the world do not work anymore, blinding us to today’s world as it really is. And when we can’t see the world as it really is, we miss new opportunities, and we are blindsided by unforeseen threats while uncertainty and continual surprise paralyze us into inaction.


In this recent newsletter we present some of the concepts we have explored, what we have learned, the implications and how we are working with our clients to meet this new challenge...


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Added December 25,2008

December 21 2008 Client Letter


It’s just a few days before Christmas, and since the November 2008 election, we have been listening to many people over coffee, on their blogs, and on TV, about the economic crisis we are facing.We wanted to share some of those observations with you, as you get ready for 2009.


One of the more interesting topics of recent conversation is the idea that this economic crisis really has no model or pattern that is discernable from past downturns and crises.Here are some more compelling points:
  • As noted above, there is no model or pattern for what will happen in 2009-2010 - we
          simply don't know what to expect with any degree of probability.

  • The Great Depression and market crises since (e.g., 1987, 1997) do not have many, or really
           any lessons for us today because of the fundamental shifts in the inter-dependence of the
           world's financial systems in the past decade.


Some real issues exist causing many concerns...


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