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Posted in 2014:
Richard Marrs, Lori Schmidt and Rene Ziorio
SMEs play a critical role in both economic development and as innovators, as they make up about 90% of all firms worldwide.  Perhaps most importantly, SMEs have some significant advantages over large firms due to their size.  They have strong relationships with both customers and suppliers that can enable them to act more quickly to changing business environments and market needs.  They have shorter lines of internal communication, and many have a strong entrepreneurial management style.  Studies have shown that technical capabilities of employees in SMEs are in many cases higher than those in large companies, allowing for faster and less expensive innovation.  However there are studies that show that only a small number of SMEs use these size advantages for innovation, growth and increased competitiveness.
This jointly authored paper with GO Productivity of Edmonton Alberta presents a structured program with a combination of unique approach, assessment tool, workshop components, delivery and continued engagement that gives our clients their single best opportunity to establish and sustain an effective and dynamic innovation program.

Posted in 2012:
Eamonn Kelly & Stephen Weber
As we wrote in our December 2008 Client Letter, the recovery from the "Great Recession" of 2007-8 will be a long, hard pull, with fits and starts, perhaps over a decade or more. And whatever emerges will not be simply a return to "normalcy" - indeed, there will be a new new normal, much different than "what was" before the recession. Eamonn and Steve paint that picture in this new (May 2012) paper, and show how North American and Western European coporate leaders can position their organizations to thrive in this new world emerging.
MEG 2012 Worldwide Exploration Trends

Metals Economics Group


WIRED Magazine: The Breakthrough Myth

Dev Gupta 2012


The Design of Organization Next

David Ramus March 28 2011


World Econmic Forum: Global Risk Report 2012

Posted in 2010:
Early Warning Signals: A Conversation for Exploration

Richard Marrs, March 2009


Intuition's Role in Making Decisions

Steve Barth and Richard Marrs, March 2009


The New Dyamics of Strategy: Sense Making in a Complex and Complicated World

C.F. Kurtz and D.J. Snowden, April 2003


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