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Assessments & Diagnostics
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How do you know whether you’re ready for a new program or initiative or not?



How can you gauge the effectiveness of

existing programs?



Properly designed assessments and diagnostics

can tell you - and much more besides

WHERE ARE YOU? Before you step into a new program or initiative you should know whether you’ve laid the proper foundation for success.


And you should know whether your existing programs are living up to your expectations - and if not what’s holding them back.


KNOWING - Our assessments and diagnostics can tell you where you stand relative to:

  • Effectiveness of your existing programs
  • Readiness for new programs or initiatives
  • How well your departments, functions, and teams are performing
  • Whether you have the right performance metrics in place
  • Systemic issues and problems within the organization
  • Relative overall health of the organization

Not only that, they can tell you:

  • What's missing and what you need to get ready for a new program
  • Where and what attention needs to be focused for improved productivity and
  • When you need to pay attention to outside voices
  • Where and how to see the early warnings of a problem
  • How to head it off before it becomes a big headache


TOOLS - Our toolkit includes:

  1. Interviews - In depth, both inside and outside your organization when necessary
  2. Surveys - On line and in person, quantifiable and subjective
  3. Workshops - Focus and knowledge groups


To learn how we use our tools, and the benefits and valu ewe deliver, download our Assessments & Diagnostics Process Overview (PDF)


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