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Developing your executives and senior managers to be ready for higher positions needs more than just an MBA
And transitions within the organization require a thoughtful process - not just a handshake and a "well done"
Coaching and mentoring is the process that fills the missing gap between experience and formal learning

COACHING is part of all of our engagements regardless of the approaches used.


We make sure that we are available during every engagement and for a defined period of time afterward for coaching. This time is built into all of our collaborative work with you for:

  • Enhancing the development of the executives and teams we work with
  • Applying transferred skills
  • Allowing for adjustments to the engagement as needed
  • Making sure learnings from workshops have the best chance of being fully used as
         participants return to the workplace


PERSONAL coaching and mentoring programs for selected executives and managers can provide even more focused outcomes:

  • Unlocking and developing the individual's high
         performance potential
  • Facilitating transitions to new roles and positions
  • Addressing sub-optimal or inconsistent behaviors
  • Providing a safe space to explore personal dvelopment




When you consider creating a custom program you want to make sure you know what the coaching process can do - for both the individual and for the organization:


SCOPE Should be well defined, not a loose engagement. We work with you to make sure the program is based on clearly articulated and understood needs for both the individual and the organization.


PROGRESS - How often progress is reported, and just as importantly, how progress is measured, are keys to any successful coaching program.


ROI - Make sure the measures of success are tied not only to observable behavior shifts, but also to the individual's quantifiable key performance metrics and strategic outcomes.



COACHING Is as dependent on the indivdual or group being coached as it is on the coach. Based on relationships developed in trust - there also has to be a commitment to the process.


We believe that those individuals who are unconditionally committed to learning and growing are the most accepting of coaching - and will gain the most out of working with a coach.




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