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There are many roles a consultant can, and must play in each engagement



But no single role can fit every client,

nor fit every client's needs


YOUR CURRENT SITUATION - issues to resolve, problems to solve and desired outcomes determine the approaches we use in each engagement. We don't take a limited view of consulting services nor of the roles we need to play.


APPROACHES - On the contrary, we tailor our role collaboratively with you, precisely based on your needs. We can act as:

  • Collaborator and partner
  • Interventionist
  • Independent expert
  • Analyst
  • Coach and counselor

And many roles in between - whether you need us behind the scenes, working as part of your teams or out in front.


There will be times when we'll use a single approach - and for times when it's required we'll use a combination of approaches.


FLEXIBILITY - By understanding that no single approach can always deliver the results you expect, we have wide flexibility in designing our work with you.


It means that when a transfer of skills is not required we can handle the problem, resolve the issues and produce the product you need directly.


It also means that when it's desirable we'll design our engagement with you to make sure that necessary skills are transferred to you and your teams - embedding the skills within your organization.



COURSE CORRECTION - In a complex world not every problem is always charted or known when you start out.


Our ability to tailor and vary our approach means that when necessary we can make adjustments during our engagement with you - ensuring your needs are addressed and desired outcomes are achieved.





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