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Speaking & Seminars


The right keynote speaker to kick off a successful conference is not always obvious at first glance



Speakers must deliver to each and every audience

    The right message

    On the right topic

     In a fresh new way



Making sure your group is ready to tackle what's next with enthusiasm and a renewed sense of purpose

ALTAMONT CONSULTING GROUP associates speak, make presentations and deliver seminars on critical and timely topics at conferences and group events throughout the year.


TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS - We'll make sure we focus on what's important about a topic for your group or organization - regardless of the audience size.


CRITICAL TOPICS - Our areas of expertise, experience and learning are the foundation of our speaking and seminar engagements:

  • Strategy
  • Alliances and Strategic Relationships
  • Corporate Development
  • Innovation

And since we use numerous processes in all of our work we also speak frequently on:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Decision Making
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Collaborative Work Practices
  • Organizational Learning

SERVICES - We can deliver the right message at the right time in the right way for your group through:

ü  Keynote speeches

ü  Presentations

ü  Seminars

Our presentations and seminars by design are highly interactive - not just another lecture - engaging the group directly in a learning process.


PREVIOUS WORK - Selected examples of previous presentations and speeches are available at our

Resource Center



You want fresh and exciting ideas presented in creative ways - keeping interest levels high.


At any conference, group retreat or critical meeting you want your group to be energized, thinking, and ready to take on the challenges of the day with a strong sense of purpose.





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CONTACT US For availability and to discuss your specific needs, and learn how you can

Collaborate. Innovate. Transform.TM


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