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Workshops are the single best way to transfer




through application



Applied Learning: addressing real organizational needs, issues and problems

WORKSHOPS are a key component of our consulting engagements regardless of the approaches we use. Built into all of our collaborative work with you, our workshops are always customized and configured based on your current situation, needs and desired outcomes.


Whether embedded in a larger consulting engagement or delivered as standalone workshops for training, all of our workshops feature two key success factors:


1. PREPARATION FOR LEARNING & RESULTS - We preface all of our workshops with an assessment of your:

  • Current situation
  • Level of knowledge
  • Performance and effectiveness of the workshop group

Then, based on our assessment, we provide:

  • Carefully selected pre-workshop materials
  • Pre-readings
  • Pre-workshop assignments

We don't ask anyone to come in unprepared to learn and work.


2. TIME COMPRESSION - Our up-front preparation and ability to custom fit each workshop means we can generate real time compression during the workshops themselves.


Our clients normally achieve 3-6 months of real work in a 2, 3, or 4-day workshop, depending on

the focus of the engagement.


REAL LEARNING - People learn faster and more when they learn in teams applying tools and techniques directly to their real issues and problems.


To learn more about our workshops and semiars, levels of training, subject areas and custom workshop development, download our Workshops Process Overview (PDF)




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