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Corporate Development


In a fast changing complex world filled with ambiguity, there is no clear connection between what we do and the outcomes


And cause and effect is only clear through hindsight - maybe! 

STRATEGY Is all about future differences: It's about the competitive differences you can bring and how you identify and take advantage of the resulting new opportunities.


And it’s usually not the first mover that seizes competitive advantage;

it’s usually the first to “get it right”!


We think the best approach is through COLLABORATIVE STRATEGY:Two or more people or organizations working together in common interest, by sharing knowledge and learning, while building consensus to create an aligned strategy and plan of action to achieve a goal of mutual benefit.


To ensure a robust and dynamic strategy - for just your organization or across your value network and alliances - our strategic planning processes are developed within a well defined and proven COLLABORATIVE STRATEGY ARCHITECTURE:



QUESTIONS - Many organizations struggle with strategic planning, and we hear the same questions repeatedly:

  • Do we do it every year?
  • What is the best process?
  • Who should lead the effort?
  • How do we know the right people are involved?
  • When is it time to realign and reposition the organization?

For answers to these questions and more, download our Collaborative Strategy Process Overview (PDF) and our Strategic Planning Components Definitions (PDF)


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